Activating update to Elements 10 (on a new PC)

Hi there, I recently purchased an update to Elements 10 (from Elements 8), and have made a first download to a brand new computer, thinking that the provided activation code would be sufficient to get Cubase running.

However, eLicenser requires the selection of an upgradeable (previous) license, which of course doesn’t exist on this new system.

How should I proceed please? Is it simply to reactivate the license for Elements 8 first, then replace it with Elements 10?

And can I get away with doing this without having to uninstall Elements 10 first, then installing 8, reactivating, uninstalling 8, then reinstalling 10?? :confused:

Thank You


Reactivate your Cubase Elements 8 license to the new computer first (you don’t have to install it). Then you can activate the upgrade.

Up and running - fantastic! Thank you so much, Martin.