Activating USB keyboard?

I posted this in studio set up forum but didn’t get any replies.

I just purchased Cubase 7 and i need some help.

I am at home and not in my studio this weekend so i havent got access to sequencer and my keyboards.

At the moment i got M Audio Oxygen 8 keyboard, as far as i know it has a number of connections and inputs at the back. I have been a Reason 6 user for the past few years and i connect my oxygen 8 via USB cable, no problems - when you install reason it asks you straight away - what is your control surface and it detects my oxygen.

Now with Cubase, there seems to be no such wizard, i searched the PDF doc (operation manual) and there is not a word about “surface”.

Check this out, i want to buy this piece:

As far as i know its got all kinds of controls and inputs/outputs too, my question: i only connect or have experience connecting my keyboards via USB. So, how do i activate my oxygen or the new board in Cubase and link it to a VST?

Thanks for any help.

Generally with Cubase for basic key presses it just detects the keyboard and you can use it straight away . It shows up in Devices/ Device Setup / Midi Port Setup.

Ok dude , thank u for your reply

I will have a go at it on monday :ugeek:

Hehehe silly me

When i installed Cubase from DVD it crashed when it got to halion installation.

So, when i tried playing default set such as electro no instrument sound was heard… it did however detect my oxygen keyboard and i could see input from it WAS working.

So, i tried installing halion again, and wooptydoo, this time it installed correctly and i could hear sound playing from it.

Very good stuff :slight_smile: