Activation after getting update from grace period?


i installed my retail copy of Cubase 8 Pro which also said in the packaging that i can get a free upgrade to the latest version. i did my installation as per the guidelines last night and i also activated the license as per the directions given after the installation was done. Although there was no mention about the free upgrade. I can’t remember what i did but while i was fiddling around i was directed to a “Grace period page” where i was asked to enter either my activation code or the Elicenser serial number i think, which i did and it showed me that i could download the “Cubase 8.5 Pro” file which was about 9.5 GB if i remember correct.

Once that was done i installed it the same way and it mentioned that some components needed to be updated and cubase 8.5 needed to be installed. Which i did. Once all that was done before running Cubase 8.5 they asked me to register and when i did from the Elicenser software it changed to Cubase 8.5 and even in my "mysteinberg account it’s shows as 8.5 now.

Although the problem is i cannot activate it in my elicenser as it says that the activation code was used once before and as i enter the code it shows cubase 8(which i understand again). But it is also showing that 8.5 is registered. And further in the elicenser it says that under “All available licenses” that i have 25 hours remaining which i don’t understand why.

Please if anyone know what i need to do to if it’s a problem or is normal and whether i’ve done it right?

Thanks & Regards,