activation code for Dorico SE

I installed Dorico SE and registered my Elicenser but received no email with activation code. Any solutions?

Did you login to your Steinberg account and ask for an SE code?

Welcome to the forum, cave diver. Do check your spam folder, in case it’s gone in there. I’ll send you a Dorico SE activation code via private message as well.

Same problem here, while trying to help a friend with installation of Dorico SE, yesterday. We created a Steinberg ID and asked for SE License and download link, but no mail arrived until now.

I’ll send you an activation code via private message, bobmusic.

How does one request an activation code for Dorico SE 3?
OK, I figured it out. You have to be logged into mySteinberg and pass thru a certain web page.

Hey Daniel can I get an activation code as well? I am trying to put SE on the laptop but email hasn’t come through even in spam. Thanks.


Login to My Steinberg (or create an account) at

then go to this page …


install software

Steinberg sends you an email with activation code. may be in spam folder.

run elicenser app. enter activation code.

Select where to store the license. if you don’t have a steinberg usb key, choose the “Soft elicenser”.

i also tried to get the dorico se download link & activation code through the process of the website.
I´m logged in and it alsways says “Get ready to try Dorico SE 3”…
(bzw in meinem Fall eben auf deutsch)
but nothing happens, no email (and no one in spam folder). Email adress is correct.
Maybe Daniel could send me a download link & code.
thank you


I followed all the steps for Dorico SE, but I haven’t received my activation code and download link.

This is where I left off

“Get ready to try Dorico SE 3
You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with an activation code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.”

I made the account on the Steinberg website with the same e-mail address I’m using here.


I’ll send you an activation code by private message: please check your inbox here.

I am encountering the same problem as well. I need the programme for school, and downloaded the software and registered the elicenser on Steinberg, as directed by my University, but haven’t received an activation email yet.

Welcome to the forum, Avelle. I’ll send you a Dorico SE activation code to your private message inbox.

Hi, I did a reinstallation of Dorico SE but the email was not sent.
Can you help me please?

It is great software, I hope to keep using it.

Welcome to the forum, Omar GH. Please check your private message inbox.


I seem to be facing a similar problem. Tried to get the code, looked everywhere in my E-mail, and it is nowhere to be found. If you could please help. Thanks in advance!


I’m running into the same problem. I have already installed Dorico Se on another machine, but can’t access that installation right now. I am not able to request a new activation code. Could somebody PM me a new activation code, please?


Welcome to the forum, Hallstein and Blaž. I have sent each of you a Dorico SE activation code.

I seem to be running into the same problem. I got an activation code back in May, but am switching computers, and now when I try the same process, it says that an email has been sent, but none arrives. I’ve tried a few times and checked spam folders etc.

Great program and thanks very much!

Hi Steinberg, I’ve downloaded Dorico SE but I still haven’t found an activation email, could you please help. Thanks