Activation code for Halon sonic 2

Hi all,
I have bought Halion Sonic 2 and downloades the trial version. Furthermore i have got the activation code from Steinberg, but how do i ude This code? It says something about eLicenser control center, but how do I do that?
Hope anyone can help.
best regards

You should launch “eLicenser Control Center” on the computer where you have your dongle installed. Where it is depends on you OS, which you should always include in inquires here!

You then use the “eLicenser Control Center” to license your dongle. Note that the computer must be connected to the Internet for authorization to work.

Hi Svenne,
I know i should have my OS details here, its coming.

I have Windows 7.

So you would launch elicencer control centre from your Windows start menu…if for whatever reason you don’t have it get it here:

Note that it must be on a computer connected to the internet to activate…if your DAW isn’t connected then install elicencer on your internet PC and move the dongle there to run the activation.

I have my activation code for Halion Sonic 2, but the trial version which i have downloaded isn’t correctly downloaded.
Now i can’t do it again, as their insn’t any trial versions anymore. So how do i get my halion sonic 2.?
Best regards lmlmlm01