Activation Code has been used already

I bought Cubase 6 in March 2012. I couldn’t install it on my computer because it needed at least Windows 7 and I only had Windows Vista. So Cubase 5.5 was made available to me and I had to use the Cubase 6 activation code to activate it. That computer has broken so I bought a new computer, this time with Windows 7. So I decided I could at last install Cubase 6. But when I try to activate Cubase 6 in order to download the licence, it says “The activation code has been used already. An activation code can only be used once to download or upgrade a licence”. Steinberg support said I have to contact the vendor in my country, which I did, but they did not reply. On another forum (Yahoo Answers) where someone else has a similar problem they were told to go to the “Activation & Reactivation” section at MySteinberg. So I did that, but at MySteinberg, there is no “Activation & Reactivation” section.
On this same forum, a responder said that you need to buy another copy of Cubase. I find that unacceptable. I paid $600 for this product and now I can’t use it because I had to get a new computer. There has to be a solution. Surely this has happened to other people who have upgraded their computers?

What license is on your USB eLicenser?

eLicenser says my USB-eLicenser is for Cubase 6.5.

In that case, no need to activate the license. It is already there… Install Cubase, plug in the dongle and have at it.
Have fun.

p.s. When you start Cubase, it will probably say something about REGISTERING Cubase. Don’t confuse that with ACTIVATING the license. Just click ‘Already registered.’

You’re right. I was wrong. It does work. Thanks heaps for guiding me through this. I was really quite worried there for a while.

I am having the same problem, except i have an eLicense, and i have never uninstalled or reinstalled anything to date… Everything has worked fine until today, but i logged in to be told there was no eLicense? Followed the steps to reinstall the eLicense software and all fine but now im being told my activation code has already been used?