Activation Code needed for Dorico trial. Please?


Would someone please tell me what I need to do to get an activation code for the Dorico trial? I submitted a ticket to support and this is the 3rd day. Yesterday I emailed discoverdorico. I’ve heard nothing. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

I never got the email with a link to the download when I submitted my request. I got a screen that confirmed my submission and said I’d get an email. I put the address in my contacts AND checked my junk folder. I’ve had no response from support about that and it’s the end of the week now. Luckily I saw a post in the forum from someone with the same problem, and the reply had a link to the Steinberg Download Assistant. I was able to download Dorico, the Halion SE and Halion Orchestra. Imagine my frustration when I was confronted with a screen saying I needed to enter an activation code. The Halion had an option to choose trial. Why couldn’t the main product?

I must say that I’m disappointed at the way things have been handled to this point. If this is the experience of a ales prospect, what can i expect as a customer?

Might be that Daniel will be quicker, but if you wait until Monday (when I’m back in the office) I will PM you a trial activation code.

Thank you, Ulf. Daniel got back to me with the code and I am in now. I appreciate the help.