Activation code not accepted

Hi there Steve here I got a new system went out and got C9 then upgraded from c& to C9 but C7 is still on the old computer …C9 is on the new but when \I put in the activation code in the E Licenser it says its not valid.Can anyone help with this??Thanks

Which versions of Cubase are we talking about here? Did you manage to activate Cubase 9? Did you update the eLicenser Control Center?

Im trying to upgrade from cubase 7 to cubase 9 C7 is on the old computer C9 on the new.The activation code i received is not being accepted.Im pretty sure I upgraded the elicenser control center.Thanks for your help.It says "the activation code could not be identified.Please make sure its typed correctly

Where did you get this Cubase 9 upgrade? The activation code looks like this:

0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

Make sure that you’re not getting “i” mixed up with “1” and “o” mixed up with “0”. Also click the eLicenser Control Center’s “Maintenance” button first.

Im pretty sure I got all of those but ill check again.Thanks.Im wondering if the fact that the product Im upgrading from C7 is not on the same computer as the product Im upgrading to C9 is a factor here??

No, the license in your USB-eLicenser dongle is completely independent from any Cubase installations. Upgrading should always work for as long as you have the latest eLicenser Control Center installed and you picked the right upgrade.

You still haven’t mentioned where you got this Cubase 9 upgrade from. Do you mean Cubase 9.5? The upgrade should still work, but it’s not possible to buy Cubase 9 anymore.

Hi Romantique please disregard my query.I was actually making an error.Everything is fine now.Thanks man.