Activation code not accepted

Hallo everyone
I have updated from CB 6.5 to CB10. I have been sent an activationcode by Steinberg. Elicenser Command Center is Latest version. I have run the Maintenenace. Control Center shows my USBlicens for 6.5 with its activation code. This 6.5 license is accepted by Steinberg.
When I enter the activationcode for CB10 I get the message that there is no licens to upgrade.
I have a ticket at the Steinberg Helpdesk but no one is doing anything about it.

Any suggestion on what I should do?
Med vänlig hälsning

Hallo again!
I just found out I have ordered the wrong update!
My fault!
I ordered an update from CB6.5 Artist and I have a license for CB6.5, so of course it did not work!

You need to get a refund and purchase the correct upgrade. The good news is that the correct upgrade should be cheaper than the one you bought.

It is worth carrying out the maintenance procedure on your eLicenser(s) before purchasing any upgrades, then buying according to what you see in eLicenser Control Center.