Activation code not working

Hello, I need help, I have spent almost a week trying to figure it out and I can’t. I purchased the upgrade from Artist 7 to 8 (a promotion offered). I received the confirmation e-mail, the charge to my credit card and the activation code. I am able to see the new folders in my computer for Cubase 8 which means it was downloaded but when I went to the elicenser to activate it I had a message “there is no updates available for this licenser” I called and I was told I had to purchase the USB elicenser key and transfer it there. I did it and same thing: When I choose the new licenser I can see the Cubase 8 update there but when I input the activation code provided in the invoice same message “no update available for this licenser”. I activated the new USB in the steinberg site and it is recorded. I see it in My Account however the activation code seems to not work.

When I open my Cubase is still showing the 7 version so I don’t think I have the Cuabse 8 running. Does anybody have a tip? Am I missing a step? I followed step by step the video in the steinberg web page and nothing… same result over and over.

Any help? Has anyone experienced the same thing? Thanks