Activation Code Problem

I have changed my C: drive back to the one with Windows 7 on it, as I have had enough of Windows 10 and have decided to leave it off my large computer until forced to use it in 2020, and Dorico is asking for my activation code. I have tried the one I was originally sent and it does not work. I have attempted to write to Customer Service but am unable to log in. Can someone please point me where I can find out where to get what I need to get Dorico up and running again, please? So far my experience in trying to do this has been quite Kafkaesque!

Many thanks,


May this is a clue…

Thanks for your swift response and for trying.

I went to the page you quoted and it directs to another page to log into “MySteinberg” account. This produces a “The Page you are looking for is not available” message…


Indeed… you can instead log in by clicking MySteinberg on the menu (top right)


I got logged in by that means, and followed the steps but keep gettoing different error messages!

Now I seem to be locked out, and other than bothering Daniel do not know who to write to.


Thanks for your help!

I tried again and got an activation code. Dorico started to run – Windows complained about something missing, and I clicked OK and now Dorico refuses to run. This is a different problem. I shall boot the machine and try again…

Apart from this, what worries me is that I got such a run around in reactivating that I have no idea what I actually did that produced the correct result.

The whole process was a NIGHTMARE!


Update: After a reboot, Dorico ran as expected. I applied the two updates and, apart from not being able to see recent files, I seem to be back where I was.

I was concerned when I noticed that, when updating, Dorico wanted to install a “Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver” and I disallowed that in case it messes with my Samplitude/RME setup with which I am quite happy, and also because I hardly ever use the playback facility of Dorico. Does anyone reading this know whether this driver is JUST for Dorico, or used by other programs? If just for Dorico, I will feel happier in installing it; but I am suspicious that Steinberg expects one to use its own products for all audio work and could care less about compatibility with Samplitude. :slight_smile:

No, the Generic Low Latency Driver is only needed by people that have no decent audio interface, will say just use the built-in sound or a device that doesn’t come with an ASIO driver. Since you have an excellent RME device, you don’t need it.