Activation Code problems

I bought cubase pro 8.5 and it arrived 2 days later, sweet!

Well the activation code doesn’t work after 3 different timed attempts, I’ve downloaded the most up to date driver for the licenser, the licenser is plugged in. Internet is working and have no problem sending receiving email or browsing yet it says the following when you try to ‘perform maintenance tasks’… “A communication problem occurred while accessing the license server.” then refers me back to updating the licenser software again!! FML!!

Performs up to step 5 alright then says “Recovering license transactions” and says same thing about communication problem (no shi*) thanks APPLE, god I want my PC back with Cubse SX, aint used it in a while and it seems to be a right load of drama.

So to confirm steps 1, 5 & 6 FAIL and the rest are fine. Internet connection aint a problem. Any help would be greatly appriciated, feel a bit disappointed tbd