I ordered and paid through PayPal for Cubase 10 Pro upgrade (ex. Artist 9.5) a few days ago.

I have no Activation Code. It did appear on the screen at the time of transaction etc, but I had to restart my Mac for an update and lost the webpage that showed it. Why was it not emailed to me or some other copy of it made available to me?

I have tried to contact Steinberg shop, askNet etc. about a copy of activation code, but I get no response.

Please, can anybody assist with this?



Have you checked your “My Steinberg” page? Should have all of your purchased software, along with the activation code.

did the e-mail not disappear in your spam folder? an e-mail is immediately send.
i do not know where you live, but try to call them, it is faster.

I have checked My Steinberg page, allI see is my old 9.5 Artist & Activation Code, thanks for the tip!

No email, I checked spam and junk folders :confused:

I will try to call them.

Sorted by the helpful staff at customer support!

Thanks @Howl for pointing me in the right direction