Activation Code ?

Recently upgraded from Cubase Pro 9.5 to 10.5., & I also purchased WaveLab Pro 10. I received an email invoice from NEXWAY AG. It showed a Customer#, an Invoice#, a Customer Service Contact#, Online Order#, but the one # I really needed–the Activation Code was not shown. Now, I have a USB-eLicenser for 9.5, and I assumed that it could also manage the Activation Code for 10.5. Do I need to purchase a new USB-eLicenser for 10.5?..and when/where do I receive my Activation Code for 10.5?
Also, WaveLab is asking me for a “valid license”…? I would have thought these #s would have been provided with the invoice, or some “notice” in the invoice of what I am “missing”.
Any help much appreciated. I’ve been thru this before, but I forget exactly how it goes. Thanks.

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  2. since you updated - yes you need your USB eLicenser with the 9.5 license, not a new one.
  3. Yes the codes should have come in a mail. Re- check your mail programs.

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