Activation code

How will i get the activation code for nuendo 5.5. I have my steinberg account but there is nothing and your support does not answer. This sucks.
Kepa Lehtinen

In your MySteinberg account you should be able to request it and it will be automatically sent.

Thanks likelystory.
Mysteinberg shows that i have licenese for nuendo 5 but how do i request a new license?

We haven’t received an email - at least I could not find one. Sorry!
Please log in your MySteinberg account, there is a Nuendo 5.5 activation code waiting for you.

Cool , Thaks


Same problem for me today - my upgrade from N4+NEK to N5 + NEK came in. Installed the updates (so it will work with my new rig) and there is no activation code “waiting for me” anywhere.

Emailed support… but getting impatient to use this!!

Dodd, please have a look in your MySteinberg account. I have places two activation codes in there.

EdDoll, THANKS! Life is good. Appreciate the fast service and respect for loyal, non-pirating users! :smiley:

Why does my Nuendo 5.5 online say “not yet activated”? My eLincensor won’t take the activation code. I upgraded ages ago and thought I “activated” it.


Can you explain exactly what is happening?
Are you currently running 5.5 or are you still at 5.1?
So you did try to enter the activation code in your elicenser?
Did you update your elicenser to the latest version?
Etc …



you have activated your Nuendo 5.5 already: Activated on: 03.08.2011, 15:49

The activation code that you see in your MySteinberg account is because of a problem with the first bunch of codes we have send.



Thanks Chris. I’m usually over-worked and under-caffeinated, but I knew I wasn’t crazy.