Activation Code

Good morning.

I am uninstalling my CuBAse Elements 7 software and re-installing this onto a new stand alone computer system. I am having difficulty obtaining a new software activation code. Can anybody give help relative to this.

Also, is it best to uninstall first before i get the new code.

I am a relative novice to CuBase so step[ by step assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


In the Knowledge Base, there is a FAQ. It says…

How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?

Reactivating a license consists of two steps:
1.Requesting a new activation code via your MySteinberg account.
2.Using the new activation code in the eLicenser Control Center on your computer in order to download a new license.

These are the necessary steps in detail:
•Log in to your MySteinberg account.
•If you do not have an account yet, please visit the page to create one.
•On the “My Products” page, make sure the “Software” view is selected.
•Click on the entry of the software you need to reactivate.
In case the product has never been registered before and the option is missing, please first register it using the “Add new software” option and use the old activation code to register. Then continue with this guide.
•In the expanded view, click on “Software reactivation”
•Enter the new Soft-eLicenser number that has been created on your new system. The number is displayed by the eLicenser Control Center which can be found in the “Program Files” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) folder on your computer.
•Click on “Reactivate”.
•The new activation code will be displayed and also be sent to you by email.
•Click on the green “Enter Activation Code” button in the eLicenser Control Center to enter or paste your code.
•Click on “Continue” and then on “Download License”.

I vote for making a sticky thread with the full procedure. There are probably two of these threads per day on average…

Many thanks for your help. Everything now sorted.

Kind regards