activation code

Hello all, seems a bit tricky to activate Dorico on a new computer. Where do I request a new activation code? Best, Michael

Login to your MySteinberg and click “reactivate”. This will give you a new code that you can use.

If you haven’t registered Dorico yet, you’ll have to do it using the computer you were it on using previously.

Thanks, good hint. The steinberg way is a hard way. First of all, I can never log in to mysteinberg; I always have to get a new temporary password. Then that activation process (where you’re told to “contact your software vendor”, which of course was steinberg itself, as a download) is nightmarishly opaque. I got there in the end but this could be a lot simpler and still safe, I’m sure (other companies manage). Best, Michael

You can change your password in this page after logging into your MySteinberg: