Activation cubase 12 impossible

hello, I just bought the cubase 12 update from 11. I entered my download code, I downloaded and installed cubase 12 but this one is present in steinberg download assistant as “installed” but on my pc in my applications it is not found. I reinstalled cubase 12 then finally it appears on my desktop but when I run it asks me to buy it! Why is it not possible on this same screen to enter the activation code received by email when purchasing?
Anyway, I’ve been looking for 2 hours now how to activate this update, which is crazy! Cubase is on my desktop, in my my steinberg account also I code it but impossible to activate it because there is no help, no guide how to do it. It’s just amazing, to leave the users to their own devices.

Please can someone tell me how to activate it?

it’s good I succeeded, but what a mess!
Dear cubase developers, it is not because you understand yourself that the world understands you!

PS: . . if the designers of “leopard 2” built their engine with the same mentality then I wish the Ukrainians a lot of courage and patience, they will need

What kind of mess? Since one year now Steinberg has moved to the new licensing system and activates everything via the Activation Manager. Open it, login and click activate.

yes, it’s just that you have to know that there is an activation manager and that you have to execute it. I do not know why, after the update and installation of cubase 12 I had no icon on the desktop or cubase 12 present in the applications installed on my computer while in download assistant it was marked as installed . In short, after several complications finally it works, it’s just unnecessarily complicated and not very clear. All the other software I use update without any problem, the update is transparent and understandable except for cubase and this is the first time that the update has gone so difficult

Sorry, but that is something that has been shown all over the place even several month before the new licensing was activated. It is also directly shown on the Steinberg homepage and all support areas.

What else should have Steinberg done to inform customers?

I don’t know how to say it otherwise as I have already written, nothing happened as indicated on the steinberg site and the activation manager I had to download myself. It says on their site “you just have to download the software you bought” and well no, that was not enough for me