Activation Cubase 4 LE


I was following the instructions I got with my Presonus audio interface, but when I get to the step “9. Under Activation and Reactivation, click more”, I do not see that. I guess the website has changed since these instructions were written.

But then, how can I activate my Cubase 4 LE software with the actual webite? I tried to find something similar to what is written in the following steps, I cannot see what I should do to register my software…

I installed most recent version of the License Center available for WinXP, I still have no clue what I should do next.

Thank you for your help.


Hello Theobalt,

I have sent you a Private Message regarding your activation.

I must be blind, I cannot see how to reply to your private message! I have a serial number, but I do not see anything that is called activation code. In fact, the procedure should give me an activation code with my serial number. If I understand well…

Hello Theobalt,

Not sure why you wouldn’t receive that? You should have received an email and see 1 new message by your User Control Panel, located on the top left. However if you are in the U.S. and have a MySteinberg account please provide your username and I can further assist you.

Be advised the activation code should be provided upon the Completion of registering your MySteinberg account.