Activation / first installation problem

Hello to everyone!
It is my very first time here.

I am facing a critical issue with my purchase of nuendo.
The box I was sent, includes a download card with a 25digit access code on it and a usb stick.

I used this code in order to download the program from the link that Steinberg is giving some months ago.

However, I didn’t proceed to its installation or any usb lisence activation because this period of time I was really busy.

After just a few days , I had to format my PC because I faced a serious issue and after some months I bought a new system.

Now, having more time, I tried to download again the program in order to install it. I was surprised noticing that my 25digit code could not be used again (!!).
How can this be possible ?
I hadn’t even installed my file then. Why Steinberg makes it so hard for the buyers to use their program??

I then tried to find an alternative way to find another downloading code , I thought that maybe by activating my usb and registrating it into their site, I could be able to create a downloading code.

I was again negatively surprised when I found out that my licenser doesn’t contain any lisence for any Steinberg Program!!!
Their site , after my usb’s registration doesn’t show a Nuendo 10 lisence.
Again, why Steinberg is making it so complicated ?
When someone is purchasing this box with his Nuendo 10 download code card and his usb, the usb should give the information to the site that the buyer has bought Nuendo 10 and he can create another downloading link when he is changing Hardware.

Even more for my case that I have not EVEN installed ONCE the program which I bought with many hundreds of euros!!

I am trying now to find a way how I could finally use the program but Steinberg is sending me to my country’s seller for support , without having any chat or direct email support.
The local seller has to read the email, has to ask Steinberg for clarifications, Steinberg has to read his email, has to answer him and then the seller has to give me an answer and it will go on this way…!

Really, Why this company doesn’t care for this paranoid situation ? Why the customer has to pass through all this inconvenience ?

Please , if someone can enlighten me with a solution for this situation , I would be more than grateful.

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Download Steinberg Download Assistant, please. Here, you can download Nuendo 10.

If you have used your Download Access Code, an Activation Code has been generated already. You can find it either in your MySteinberg account or in an email you have received. Use this Activation Code t activate your Nuendo in the eLCC application.

Thank you!