Activation going round and round and round and uninstall and reinstall and round again

Well i have spent ages trying to get the cubase 10.5 ai installed to try the U22C i have just purchased with the software, the tutorials seem to be poor, is there a step by step guide, i keep trying to boot cubase 10.5 and it asks for the code, then it tells me i have used it, it knows i have and i have the software because its in mysteinberg account and the elicence thing, do i need another code, i have so many codes and no clues, the reactivation button asks me for a code in a box but it has my code in another box, can anybody crack this code before i ship this back

Its working now, i reinstalled cubase from a second drive and it booted without asking for a code, i have no idea why, take note steinberg we have not gotten off to a good start, this Fx pack better install because its a thumbs down so far.