activation in a max secuirty envionment

At work I have 2 Zoom handy recorders that come with copies of Cubase LEA1 - elements 6: Stienberg 6 on a CD.
I am unable to properly install the software onto computers - as the location of my work is in a high security environment and the PCs I have access too are locked down and can not access the internet. And never will be allowed to.

How can I make this software work under these circumstances? I have tried to install it - but it won’t let me activate it.
Happy to supply more information in a non-public forum.

best wishes.

You would need to have the licenses on USB-eLicensers instead of using the Soft-eLicenser.

You can install the eLCC app on an internet enabled computer ( to download the licenses. Either directly to a USB-eLicenser, or to a Soft-eLicenser and then transfer it to a USB-eLicenser. After the license is on the USB-eLicenser, you can use it on your non-internet machine.

Thanks. But I would not be able to bring anything inside either. It’s a high security place. Very little allowed in or out.
cheers for you time though. I guess I can’t use them then.

Hmmm …

Yeah, if you wouldn’t be able to bring the dongle in you might be screwed.

Any reason you can’t use the software at a different location? Or is it that you want to use it for work related activities?

Actually this makes no sense, if he is not allowed to bring anything in to the “secure enviroment” he will not be able to bring in the audio interfaces and software. If he got permission to bring in those two items, he will be able to get permission to bring in a license key by the same mechanism.

It is not like this is uncommon in professional software, all CAD and pro 3D applications and a number of data analysis programs require an iLok for instance, and they are not only common in high security installation but often the reason these installations are HS to begin with…

The (tiny) amount of memory on the eLicenser is to small to carry secrets out of the installation and not user accessible anyway