Activation is Required Popup

I’m trying to fix the issue of two popups appearing every time I open Dorico:

Have you actually activated those licenses, or have you plugged in your iLok (if the licenses are on it)?
Does this help for the EW one?

Edit: forgot to say, I am on Mac, Ventura and had to update the iLok app for it to work correctly (I do not have a physical iLok).

These are products I no longer use. No other program has this popup, and I can’t figure out how to disable them fully for where Dorico is searching for them. I have a physical Ilok. and I’m on Mac Ventura.

My guess is that what is happening is that Dorico’s audio engine is scanning your audio plugins on start-up, and during this scanning process these audio plugins are then requesting activation. You could try to uninstall the plugins, or I think if they are VST2 plugins you should be able to blocklist them in Preferences.

Yes, I was able to search for them and delete the disabled and unused plugins. Thanks!

I have the same problem. Where can I find the files so that I can delete them?

What operating system are you running?