Activation issue Nuendo 5

I’ve recently purchased a boxed retail Nuendo 5 on eBay. The seller mentioned that “It includes serial number which is unregistered and ready for new owner. USB e-licenser is unused”. When I try to activate the software with eLicenser Control Center (eLC) it says the activation code has been used already. I tried to activate it on 3 different computers (Windows, OS X Lion and Mavericks), I also tried to activate it in different versions of the eLicenser Control Center, including the latest version.

What I am doing wrong?

Is there any way to request the activation date for my code so I could use it in my claim for the seller?

If the activation code was used that means that somewhere out there there is a USB Dongle with a Nuendo 5 license on it. If he did not include that dongle then he misrepresented what he was selling.

You might be able to get the date from support, bu in my experience a screen shot of the ELC message should be sufficient for Ebay/paypal.

Obviously, you’re saying there are no licenses on the the dongle, right?

That’s right. The USB dongle is included and it has no license on it. Can I request the activation date in this forum or somewhere else?

You might be able to get some info from Support on it.

File a report now with ebay, the seller stated he had a valid item, but you received something different.

Also read the bottom of this page:

Under: Why do I need an internet connection for downloading and activating a license or for transferring them to another USB-eLicenser?

The seller says: “There is no activation code for the software, you just need the serial and dongle present. If you are still having trouble call Steinberg customer support they will help you”.

But the activation code is included and has been used already, and obviously linked to some account at MySteinberg. I haven’t purchased the software officially from my local distributor, so it means I am not able to contact the official customer support?

That is false. You should open a case on ebay.

You can of course contact support, but if the activation code was used I don’t see what they could do.