Activation Key for free software for ZOOM H6 bought in 2020

Hello, I bought a ZOOM H6 in 2021. I downloaded Steinberg products with the activation keys that came with the product. I had to install a new disk C on which I installed Windows 10, and the old version is on disk D. I tried to run the software from D but I have message SYNSAOOC.DLL not found. How do I get my software to work on D? THANKS

Which “Steinberg products” ? As of 2020, I guess that it’s Cubase 10.5 AI or LE. If I understand well, you have swapped the old C: drive to D:. The problem is that I’m almost sure that it’s mandatory to install Cubase (no matter the version) on the C: drive to get a functional setup.

So, I think that you are for a reinstallation of Cubase on the new one, hoping that the activation key you have will still work. But, as I never had to deal with the soft e-Licenser in the past (I always had an USB one, and still have it), I could be wrong. I would submit your case at Steinberg support to be sure of this.

You need to reinstall, I’m afraid.
Windows handles the other (old) disk not as system disk and is unable to find dependencies and linked libraries.

Which version of Cubase you are talking about?