Activation limit reached on new laptop help

I have downloaded Dorico 4 to a new laptop but it is saying activation limit reached. I have tried reading the forums to work out what to do but have tried various things. I have signed in but it says that there is no licence on my account. It still works fine on my old laptop.
Help! Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, Leigh! You should be able to go to the Steinberg ID account page to release any old activations that you’re not using. Go here:

Thank you, Dan. I tried that but it says that it is not used on any computers which is not true as it is on two.

I’ve reset your existing activations, so you can start again from a clean slate.

Thank you, Dan. I’m up and running. I always tell people what great support Dorico offers (we have a large number of school licences) and you have not disappointed! Have a good day.

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