Activation Manager crashes, Cubase 12 hangs on license scanning

Hi there :sunglasses: !

Today I had the happy idea to do some updates on two different computers. I have updated: Cubase 12 and the Download Asistant, which also updated the versions of Activation Manager and eLincenser Control Center. Bad idea.

Since this update I cannot run Cubase on any of these computers. Keep looking for the license until the end of time…

Sometimes Activation Manager crashes on startup, sometimes it says there is no active license on the system, sometimes it finds the license but says it’s not active and if I try to activate it… nothing happens.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase 12, Activation Manager, Download Assistant, eLicenser Control Center… nothing solved the problem.

I’ve wasted all day dealing with this. I am really frustrated. I use these systems and Cubase 12 PRO for a living. I must be working, not fighting license apps.

Is there a solution that doesn’t involve doing a clean install of these two systems?

Both computers are Windows 10 PCs, by the way.

Kind regards.

Another thing I’ve noticed: It seems Activation Manager can’t connect with Steinberg servers correctly. Sometimes it says that I don’t have Internet connection and that’s false.

Donwload Assistant on it’s part, can only connect over WiFi, it won’t connect to the Steinberg servers if I try to do so over a wired connection to the router.

I’ve checked the Firewall and there’s Outgoing rules for Steinberg License software, but I couldn’t see any Incoming ones. Could this be problem related?



Uninstall Steinberg Activation Manager and install it again, please. Make sure, you have installed it as administrator, please.

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Hi @Martin.Jirsak thanks for your help :sunglasses:!

I’ve followed your indications and now the game has changed. I should also mention that one of the affected PCs have two LAN adapters onboard and that I’ve switched the cable from one adapter to the other.

After three attempts and a brwoser change (from Chrome to Edge), now Activation Manager seems to connect to MySteinberg account and shows my licenses but it still shows them as ready to be activated instead of already activated as they should be listed.

So I decided to click the red button to activate one of them, but the Activation Manager says that I’ve reached the maximun number of activations. The problem is that the license is activated in the PC where I have the issue on. If the Manager can’t recognize that the license is active… how can I fix this?

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Get in contact with your local support to free your seats, please.

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Ok @Martin.Jirsak, I’ll try to contact them. I also opened a ticket for this problem, but usually I have to wait a long time to get a response. They are very slow to reply.

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards.

And still waiting for tech support team to reply to my ticket… :roll_eyes: :popcorn: