Activation manager is hanging

In follow-up to my previous posting elsewhere on your site - regarding some difficulties experienced activating a copy of Dorico elements 4.0. The Steinberg activation manage is hanging, and so has disallowed me accessing your site. I suppose I could remedy this by simply restarting my computer.

Carl Sandy

Best to try to keep all your related posts in one thread.

The folks in England and Germany are likely all asleep now, but if you are familiar with this forum, you know that someone is bound to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I wish you well getting everything installed and operational when they do.

Yeah it’s been doing this for me as well. For some reason restarting the computer fixes it, but it’s a bit of a pain.

Thanks, that’s a good point! This saga, I mean trying to install Dorico Elements on my Mac has gone on for some time know. You are quite right it is early in the morning and so I don’t expect anyone to answer my queries. I consider myself to be knowledgable. I did not expect to experience such difficulty, just as well I am not too embarrassed to ask for help and assistance in the Steinberg community.

Carl Sandy

I shall try restarting my computer and keeping discussions to a single thread. The histrionics of this sage is reaching epic proportions. Yes, a major pain indeed!

I can only assume that the memory on my Laptop has been corrupted in some way, on account of numerous unsuccessful attempts to enter the retail DAC number on the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Thus, I am not really sure what I have installed from USB HDD onto the M1 Mac. Sometimes,
reporting elicence is out of date. Probably corrupted somewhere! I’ll have to arrange a refund probably? … but I have exceeded the 14-day return period though.

When you run the Steinberg Activation Manager on its own (without starting Dorico) so that it shows its list of licences, what does it show you?

Also, are you logged in to SAM using the same account (with the same email address) as you were logged in to SDA when you redeemed your DAC?

Carl, I’ve taken a look at your Steinberg ID account, and you don’t appear to have successfully redeemed your Download Access Code, so you don’t yet have any licenses in your account. If you’re having problems with Steinberg Download Assistant, you can enter your DAC on the Steinberg web site to redeem it here:

Once your DAC has been linked to your account, you will then have a Dorico 4 Elements license available to activate in Steinberg Activation Manager.

As suggested by you, I navigated to the link provided in the e-mail you sent. I still can’t enter my details though, I am prompted something like the number is taken by another user. Please refer to screen-shot snapshot for your reference.
Thank you

I would hesitate to display an activation number or any other personal account info publicly on the forum, even if the number is not currently functional. You may wish to remove the image and send it to Daniel via Direct Message by clicking on his name on one of his posts and then using the MESSAGE button on the panel that appears.

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Carl, is it possible that you have redeemed your DAC yourself using a different email address?

In reply to your earlier question the answer is no, though I have connected to your site using two laptops (\Windows and Chrome-OS) and a Mac (usually offline).

My point, I would not be able to download the program in the first place. I would like to think the program is resident on my system. Thought I cannot activate it.

Carl sandy

Probably, after all I downloaded onto person USB HDD in my local library onto my laptop over their WIFI connection. The program is probably on my computer, but will not launch.

Suppose, one or the other either off-line activation or online activation. For offline activation, I probably redeemed DAC. Would have to, otherwise would not be able to save download onto the Windows laptop connected to the internet.

I tell you now, if I generate another request file, switch computers (to laptop as its connected to the internet) the request file will not open. This I understand is essential for file to be generated for me to transfer and install onto my (offline) Mac for activation.

I’m going to leave this matter alone for the time-being!

When you redeemed the DAC on your laptop over the library internet connection, you were still presumably signed in on your laptop with the same Steinberg ID email address/password? Or do you have another Steinberg ID using a different email address?

No, I did not use another e-mail address.

In that case I don’t really know what could have gone wrong. I’ll ask my colleagues in support if they can tell what has happened to your DAC.

Carl, you did use another email address – I will contact you by private message to avoid posting either of your email addresses here, and we can figure out our next move.

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On my Windows Laptop I have a Mail program which I use to manage multiple e-mail addresses, can it be that my computer defaulted to and used Hotmail instead of google-mail?! If this is the case then the download manager and assistant programs are showing the wrong e-mail address at login. The DAC is successfully redeemed, I can now see two badges at the bottom of the screen, with package size given in .MB denominations.

This is amore positive and affirming result, fingers crossed!!!