Activation Manager not loading

I successfully installed Dorico 4 Pro on my laptop, yet on my studio desktop I can’t get it to work. I’ve managed to download the software, to activate/upgrade ma eLLC with the new code, but when starting Dorico, the Steinberg Activation Manager simply shows “Loading, please wait…”
I’ve already re-installed SAM without any changes… Any idea on how to solve this?

Does SAM run OK if you launch it on its own (as a standalone application) rather than when running Dorico?

Thanks Richard, I didn’t come up with the idea to start SAM on its own - thought this has to be initiated by Dorico. Of course, now I can activate Dorico and… voilà! :slight_smile:

It ought to work either way, of course! Still, I’m glad that you’re up and running now.