Activation-Manager shows only 'Buy' button but no 'Activate' button

I had Cubase Pro 12 Testversion running and purchased Cubase Pro 12. In the Activation-Manager I wanted to activate it, but there is no Activate-Button, only a Buy-Button (see screenshot). How can I activate my purchased Cubase Pro 12 Version?

Did you plug in your dongle and run maintenance? The ELC “talks” the the S.A.M. via the SB server.

You should end up with a second entry in the S.A.M. which will be for your license. The expired trial license is now unrelated.

Post an image of the entire ELC window, block the serial number of your dongle so we can see what you’re looking at, please.

Here the screenshots.

What is ‘running maintenance’ ?

Ok, you mean the ELC maintenance. No change after that.

Activation is now done through the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Close the Steinberg Activation Manager, then insert your Download Activation Code using the button to the top left of the Steinberg Download Assistant. This will add your license to your MySteinberg account, which should show up in the Steinberg Activation Manager after you run it again.

Thank you very much, that did it! I did not expect to use the Activation-ID as a Download Access Code. Very confusing.

How do I get rid of the test version entry in the Activation-Manager?