Activation Manager Sign in

I had installed Dorico on my work computer which I recently gave back. Just occurred to me that I didn’t cancel my license on it. To see my licenses, I opened Activation Manager. When I click on “sign in” I get this warning. Is it safe to proceed?

If you’ve used offline activation, then signing in will indeed remove any offline licenses you currently have. If you don’t want to do this, don’t sign in.

However, you can see information about your licenses on the Steinberg web site:

Unfortunately there is a bug in SAM whereby you can end up seeing this message even if you haven’t used offline licences. If that is the case for you then just press “Yes, discard offline licenses” - you won’t lose anything.

What is an offline license? I don’t know which kind I have. I just wanted the check how many of my 3 activations used. When I login to my Steinberg account, no licenses or activations are shown.

It’s a way to activate a license on a computer that isn’t connected to the internet, which is a new feature we added to SAM in v1.3. If you haven’t gone through that process, then you can just press “Yes, discard offline licenses” and everything will be fine.

Thank you!