Activation Manager warns of license verification & expiration, but then, No license to upgrade

Hi all.

When I try to complete the second step for activation by clicking on the email I received the e-licenser can’t find an upgradable license.

Even though the license is there on the usb key, I can see it. “Cubase 11 Pro (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”

What else can I try?


Evidently, you already succeeded in updating, which is why the label in the Elicenser says that.

It uses the Steinberg Activation Manager

Thanks but there’s nothing in that FAQ that applies to my problem.

And in the Activation Manager, Cubase 12 shows up as Activated.

Right. Then you’re done. Run Cubase 12. Or if you haven’t installed it, do so.

I’ve been running it for about a week. But today it displayed a warning when I started it that said I still had not completed the second part of the activation. That’s why I’m here.

I’m already in the middle of a project with a deadline that’s why I’m worried about this warning.

The message said I had like 4 days or so left.

What’s the message you are seeing, verbatim, please?

Sorry. I restarted the program and now it didn’t display it. I don’t know…

I had originally received an email with the same warning that said I had 14 days left. Based on the date of that email there are about 4 of those days left.

When I click on that, it opens the elicenser with the code already input. I click continue and then it says there are no licenses to upgrade.

I see. I don’t have an answer for this myself. I’ve edited the title to make the post more visible.

Please post an image of your Activation Manager

What date did you receive the email? (The Cubase 12 license associated with the same Steinberg ID as your forum account looks absolutely fine and isn’t going to expire)

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Ok. Thanks.

The email was from April 10.

I’ll be on the lookout for any other warnings.

Thanks again.