[Activation] New SSD = new machine?

I’m contemplating getting a bigger SSD (nvme) for my mobile system. I’ll do it by cloning the existing drive and swapping it out. Does this count as a “new system” viz the activaton? Iow, do I have to deactivate before the swap?

Yes, I can of course just do it as a precaution, but the number of apps and plugins installed is staggering…


I dont think there is any standard way to do “fingerprinting” of the machine. So don’t expect all software to have same behaviour.
Do a clone and keep the clone, test it working and put the original back once more and release what ever need to be released and reactivate on the new drive. This work penalty is why I prefer hardware dongles.

Good points. Fwiw, I also prefer hw dongles in the studio, but machine auth is a godsend for the mobile system :slight_smile:


Field report: The swap is done and all is well. After contacting several of the companies’ support, I decided to deactivate what I could before changing the drive. Since that process has become quite easy for some, getting things up and running was a breeze for anything from Steinberg, Arturia, Softube + of course all that are iLok’d. More interesting is perhaps the ones that weren’t as easy to deauthorise. Of these, [list edited] Valhalla, TDR, Sonic Charge, Fuse, DMG, xils, u-he, Cableguys, Plugin Alliance, D16 and Audiothing survived just fine, while anything from United and Tone Projects needed to be reauthorised.

Iow: this is a “let’s see what works” situation.

As a side note: The whole Affinity suite + old installations of Photoshop and Quark also played nice. This actually went smoother than I feared.