Activation Nightmare

:exclamation: I bought tascam audio interface 2 by 2 with bundled software Cubase elements le 10. after 5 hours of buckling yesterday to get the elicenser to work I finally got it working but later in the day a rogue software from avid totally messed up my laptop and I had to reinstall the whole system on Windows 8.1 64-bit quad core HP probook 4540s.

I have just downloaded a further 15 gigs of Cubase elements le 10 and I have the activation code sitting in my Steinberg account of which is the same one as yesterday but now it’s telling me that I have already downloaded and used my activation code and cannot use again.

I’m using the same laptop and I have never ever known such a palava with activating a Daw. I’ve had no problems with any of the other 5 plus DAWS I have got and would appreciate some help here because I am just going stir crazy.

I have done everything to the letter and now that I have sorted out the elicenser it is now telling me that I have already use the activation code and cannot use the second time but I have reinstalled the system on the same laptop and if the software is sophisticated enough it should be able to see that it is actually the same laptop.

Hoping someone can help


Hi and welcome,

If you have a new operating system, Reactivate Cubase license, please.