Activation of Wavelab 7

This is my second post on this topic. I ordered the upgrade of WaveLab 7 from WaveLab Studio 6 before and couldn’t activate as I was told I hadn’t specified the upgrade was of WL “Studio” 6 and not just WL 6 and that was the reason it wouldn’t activate. So I have now been through the pains taking process of reordering from asknet and sending in the older boxed unit after I finally received all the required paperwork. Yesterday I received my new boxed upgrade which this time was definitely ordered from WL “Studio” 6. However I still cannot activate the product through the “e-licenser” system. It accepts the activation code and lists it as WL 7 but after I hit continue I’m told to “click on upgrade” but there is NO upgrade option. I’ve tried numerous times with the same results. My usb dongle is in and lit.If the administrator will contact me I will be happy to give you my activation code to see if I was sent the wrong product or what. I also have the very latest e-licenser downloaded, its version 6. something… I could really use some help here as I’m getting very frustrated and I’m now out the costs of two upgrades with nothing to show for it. Thank you

You should deal directly with the steinberg dealer in your country. They are usually pretty good at getting stuff like this worked out.