Activation problem upgrade cubase elements 11 to 12

I’ve updated form Cubase elements 11 to 12
My records show that I’have not yet completed the second step of the verification process to verify my eligibility for the update.

The activation code is displayed on eLicenser but it’s impossible to upgrade.

The error message is “no license to upgrade to selectable”.
How can i solve the problem?


Does this article describe your case?

done all the instruction but still have the problem :pensive: :pensive:


Are you sure, you bought the correct update, please?

had cubase elements 11 and bought
“Cubase Elements 12 Update from Cubase Elements”

is not right?

Are you absolutely sure you have an Elements 11 license, not a LE or AI license?

What is the exact license that is showing in the eLicenser Control Center?

what i see is two licences about Cubase Elements 11:

  • Cubase Elements 11 trial
  • Cubase Elements 11 (grace Period eligible).

Now, thanks to you, see that i used Cubase Le Ai Elements 11

After made upgrade to Cubase Elements 12

What do you suggest ti do now, simply buy Cubase Elements 12?


With this license, you get Cubase Elements 12 for free, thanks to the Grace Period. Please, follow the Grace Period steps described here.

Then you can return your Cubase Elements 12 update.

thanks, i’ve done but at the and there is this message:
“Get ready for Cubase Elements 12”
but no other code to use than what I already have when bought Cubase Elements 12

and today Cubase Elements 12 will stop working :frowning:


Cubase 12 is not using eLCC. You should see the license in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

in STEINBERG ACTIVATION MANAGER i see Cubase Elements 12 but pending.

Sorry for all these messages but Don’t now what to do

The only code i have is the one gave me by mail when bought cubase elements 12


Which step from the “verification pending” article (I post above) doesn’t work for you? What do you see instead of the expected step?

after Click on “Update” nothing happen
only these screen

visiting my page on website but no code to use or nothing to do

and when i try to activate with eLicenser with tne only code that i have, it’s impossible to upgrade.

The error message is “no license to upgrade to selectable”.

maybe buy again Cubase 12 upgrade can solve the problem?
don’t see other ways :neutral_face:

and now cubase elements 12 is expired :no_mouth:


Have you tried to call the support?

Yes, no answer since many days