Activation Problem

I hate to ask this, I must be missing something obvious - but I just spent the last hour to no avail.

I purchased the upgrade to D3 on Tuesday, downloaded and installed it with the Steinberg dnld asst.
When I try to run D3 it asks for an activation code. When I check the eLicenser CC it shows no license for D3, even after running maintenance.
I checked “my products” on the Steinberg site and it does not show that I’ve purchased D3, only D2. The email confirmation from the purchase does not contain a new activation code.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Fortunately, D2 continues to work so I’m not dead in the water.


The email you received from the Steinberg online shop when you purchased the Dorico Pro 3 update will include the activation code. If for some reason you can’t find it, please contact AskNet (who manage our online shop) and they should be able to send you the activation code from your purchase.

Sorry, the second email got lost in the clutter of my inbox. all good!
Thank you!