Activation problems with Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V 175.

Hello everybody,

I’m desperately trying to connect a Yamaha n8 mixer to garage band; this fails because I am unable to activate the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V 175.

I use a Mini Mac from around 2011 with SSD HDD; High Sierra runs smoothly. Important: Our problem occurs exactly the same way when using a MacBook (also around 2011) with El Capitan.

According to the instructions, in order to use the Yamaha n8 with studio software other than Cubase, we installed the Yamaha Steinberg driver FW V 175 properly. According to the Yamaha n8 manual, Garage Band should now specify Yamaha FW as the standard input and output in the System Settings area; the Steinberg Driver is not shown to us. In the system settings of the computer there is the icon of the driver, but if you click on it, the message “cannot open control panel” appears.

We submitted an official ticket to Steinberg exactly a week ago, but unfortunately (so far) we have not received an answer.

I would be extremely grateful for help, especially since I can otherwise practically throw my Yamaha n8 away.

Thanks and regards

Problem solved. A new firewire cable did the job.