Activation prombem cubase 9 upgrade from cubase 8.5

Hi I have a PC win 10 64 bit i5 32 gig

I have brought Cubase 9 upgrade to upgrade from Cubase 8.5. Download ok installed on computer ok but when it came to opening the program and a window comes up say do you want to activate now or later I click yes a elicenser window comes up asking for serial number I paste it in and its accepted, then another winnow open saying please select the license you want to upgrade then click upgrade I do this but nothing happens. In the elicenser there is two windows one with 3 elicencers 1 my usb, one soft license and the upgrade license and the other side cubaes pro 8.5, I have try many combination of clicking on these different licenses but nothing happens.

I have tried:
1 deleting Cubase 8.5.2 and reinstalled it with all the updated from Cubase 8 to 8.5.2.
2. up dated the licenser to
3. I have restated the computer a number of times.
4 un plugged the elicencer dongle and deleted the elicenser control centre and re installed.
5. tried place the dongle in other usb ports.
6 dis connected most of the connected usb .

Just letting you know I am visually impaired I use I magnifier so I could have missed something if any body has got any ideas to get Cubase 9 activate I would appreciate it. Chris