Activation requests although Dorico 5 Pro already activated

I don’t know if it has anything to do with my transfer from a laptop to this pc but I’m being regularly invited to sign in. Everything on my old laptop has been deleted so this is the only operational use of Dorico 5 and Dorico 4. I get to the activation screen and it tells me Dorico 5 is already recognised as activated. Also getting NO LICENCE flash messages which of course is complete nonsense.

Can you say a bit more about when and where you’re being prompted to sign in? Provided Dorico has an available license when it starts up, it won’t run Steinberg Activation Manager and prompt you to sign in.

It’s not easy to describe as it seems very unpredictable. I will capture the circumstances in more detail next time, if it happens, so stand by, It could have something to do with transferring Dorico from my old, now-defunct, laptop to my new pc, but I think Dorico allows for two active systems anyway so that shouldn’t make any difference. Also I’ve been away from Dorico for several months so am having to relearn many aspects of Dorico.

I have not experienced any more obscure “no licence messages” since my earlier report so the problem appears to have cured itself. Nevertheless thanks for your support Daniel.