Activation says "Access code has already been used"

I got a promise in the packaging of a free copy of Cubase with my purchase of a Yamaha THR 10 C guitar amp.
Registration went fine for my account for Cubase AI, but using the “download access code” on a piece of paper that came with the amp gave we an error saying “This Download access code has already been used by another user”.

I have reentered and checked it multiple times and get the same error.

Possible cause?
Where to from here?

cubase by Doug Smyth, on Flickr[/url]

Hi and welcome,

If you haven’t used it yet, ask the seller to provide a new one, please.

Will do.
I did not think anything of the packaging not coming with a Cubase DVD.
Like a lot of things these days I just assumed I was expected to download it.
I have a feeling now the amp is a return and someone has kept the disk and used the code.

I’ve had the amp for two weeks now, getting Cubase with it was just a bonus not essential,but I’ll see what they have to say about it.


No, DVD is not part of the package, only the Download Access Code is. You have to download the installer.

I’m just going by the instruction manual that covers all the 10 and 5 watt variants of the amps.
Mine is a THR10 C
the list says :
THR main unit
power adapter
owners manual
stereo mini cable
USB cable
Cubase AI DVD-rom

All but the last item where in the box.

Either way it seems someone has my code and has used it.

I had the same error after purchasing a Zoom R8.

Even the format of the access code is not correct - the one on my card is 5 groups of 5 alphadigits, the licenser wants 8 groups of 4 alphadigits.

Very frustrating!


Then it’s most probably an old Cubase LE5 with the Serial Number.

Contact your local Technical Support, to get a new code, please.