Activation update cubase 8 Elements

In 2012 it bought a cubase 6 EL with serial number for my computer with OS windows seven. I created my account Steinberg.
In 2014 I bought the upgrade to Cubase 8 EL (in the email received was the new license key)
In 2016 I bought a new computer with OS Windows 10

Since I saw that on the site there is a version of cubase cubase 8 EL approximately 3GB (ver 8.0.35 I think), my two questions are:

  1. on the win10 pc I have to install the latest version 8 or install the 6 and then add the update (I think it’s just the first answer, but I prefer your confirmation to be safer) :wink:
  2. what is the exact procedure to receive a new license key for this new installation? (I have already downloaded the free program eLicenser)
  3. Can I reinstall Cubase 8EL, EVEN on the old computer win7? In practice on as many machines (win or mac) can I install and use my CubaseEL8?

thanks and waiting for your answer

  1. In your MySteinberg account should be a full installer…this is all you need to install.

  2. See How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation? on this link

  3. A soft elicense will only work on a single computer. If you buy a usb elicenser and transfer the license to it, you can use this on multiple computers but Cubase will only work on the computer the licence is plugged into at that time.

thank you