Active articulatiions/techniques vs passive.

Haven’t been working in Dorico for awhile, so trying to refresh.

I know the box of 8 articulation on the left of layout (staccato, accent, etc,) actively affect playback.

Then there’s lots of musical terms on the right that could effect the active play but don’t seem to. Some do though. “Legato” will actively affect playback and so will “cresc.” But other terms could, but don’t seem to as far as I can tell.

Is there a way to know which is which without testing everything? Some I think I’m imaging some difference but not even sure.

If there isn’t a way to differentiate active from passive could you possibly add that ID possibility in a future update?

Any playing technique on the right-hand side can be “active”: it entirely depends on what playing techniques are mapped in your current VST Expression Map. You can see which playing techniques you have written are taking effect by looking at the playing technique lane in Play mode for each instrument.

I meant for the Steinberg default instruments. Is there a list of what is active and what is not?

Not exactly, no. You can look at the documentation for HALion Symphonic Orchestra to get a good idea of the capabilities of those instruments.