Active clip command?

Me again…
I can’t find any key shortcut option to select/make active an entire clip from the cursor at the edge. In other words, if the cursor is at the left clip edge, to select that clip. Such a basic operation, there really isn’t one (without using the mouse)?

Thanks again.

There are function to select clips, maybe this is what you look for. You can assign shortcuts to these.

Nope, that selects all clips. I need a keyboard shortcut that will select and/or make active the clip the cursor is at the boundary of. As great and powerful as Wavelab is, some of this seemingly basic stuff (to me) is really noticeably missing. Thanks for the reply.

I think the logic is, if you put the cursor on the right clip with the mouse, why do you need a non-mouse action to select the clip too?
Anyway, I note the idea.

Will be done in 9.0.30