Active/Non-active project

Don’t know is it a bug or a new feature? Therefore I post this observation here.
I open one project, then I open second one for quick view some details (only view, not doing anything else). Cubase asks to activate that second project, I click “activate”, then I close that second project, but first project not activated back as it was in Cubase 10 (or there was a question to activate it back?).

So after second project was closed I press space bar to play the first project. Seconds and bars are ticking as if project was activated, but cursor line stays at its position. I think it’s bug. Should not work like that. At least not activated project should not react to a spacebar pressed. Or better way - ask to activate previous project.


This change has been made because of many user requests. In the past once you closed one project, the next project was activated automatically. This could eat lots of time to load all VSTis and plug-ins. It it might happen, it’s not the project you wanted to activate. Therefore no project is activated automatically now, when you close other project.