Active panning

As a new user, I am at a loss to know whether I’m missing something or Cubase is missing something.
I want a sound effect to ping pong back and forward from left to right speaker.
I can see how to assign a sound to the left and another to the right but can I get one sound to move whilst it is being played? Logic Pro can do it but I don’t have a Mac.

Cubase can aslo do it, and what is best - without the need for a Mac. With autopan FX, or automation for example.
And btw., if your sounds ping pong back and forward from your left and right speaker, you might have the speakers set up wrong… :wink:

Thanks ThinkingCap,
Where do I find Autopan FX? AS I said I am a beginner.

In your VST Fx. And as a beginner, you should start learning the basics the manual is a good starting point.

As a student I bought an educational copy. No manual is included in the package. Can I buy one? Amazon doesn’t list it.

The manuals are included as PDFs, accessible via the “Help” menu from inside Cubase, or can be downloaded here.


Under Help>Documentation>Operational Manual or Rc Devices or Plug in refs or Halionsonic SE or MIDI dev,
“Find” produces no sign of Autopan FX

Search the plug-in reference for “AutoPan.” On your audio channel, under inserts, it is under the “Modulation” sub category.
Another way to do what you are wanting is with Automation of the pan in the channel.
Easiest way to do that is to enable the “Automation Write” in the channel (or globally), then while the song is playing, move the pan as you desire. Automation will “record” your actions. Look in the Operations Manual, p. 280, “Writing automation data” for details.

Thanks. I can follow that.