Active SideChain

Why I dont have the bottom to Active Side-chain ?

Usually there is a button where I marked that active it

Like here

and i dont have it … why

What version of Cubase are you using, pro, artist or elements ?

I cant see the picture you put up because browser tells me it doesnt want to open the site…

but i do have a plugin that used to have a side chain button in C7 and now does not in C8.035

does any one know about this - plugin is melda productions dynamic eq

I did find this but pushing one button was easier

Probably you loaded the vst2 instead of vst3 version of the melda plug. Only VST3 have that option.

I had this issue with Alloy 2 until I physically deleted the VST2 version of DLL - even though I was selecting the VST3 instance - the VST2 one was actually being loaded.

Sorry totally didnt know anyone replied (obviously not been checking my emails enough), err… yea vst3 works found it on the interweb

thx tho Grim and Peppa