Activision discontinues Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero was killed today. Good article here on the reasons why

Never played it myself but have always been fascinated with the phenomenon of pretending to play. I remember 4 years ago bars started to cancel bands to have Guitar Hero nights. I thought it was continuing in popularity.

Interesting that techies outside of music are alluding to a reason for the franchise dimise as musicians asking for too much share. I’m sure few musicians will see it this way : more like one of the few chances for fair compensation in the era of the download.

I think ,to an extend, the 2 are mutually exclusive. As you look at the phenom of Guitar Hero, its starts with would be rockers for sure. But it spread way beyond to folks just having a good time for a few hours. Much like most karaoke singers have no aspiration to sing in a band, just out for a lark. Thats why I thought GH would last longer. The article mainly points to saturation thru greed from Activision.

I know two people who started taking guitar lessons after playing the game. It’s good exposure to music and will make those so inclined pursue it to the next level.

Too bad there was never a “Keyboard Hero”. :laughing: Too complex to be fun.

But I don’t see why they couldn’t make “Loop Hero”, where you pres pseudo keys and slide pseudo sliders to emulate dance loops and filters. :wink:

Think thats Rock Band and DJ Hero

2 of my friends took guitar lessons after playing (a sick amount of) guitar hero.
Activision is a synonym for greed btw, I never buy any of their games after they took down the master servers for my favourite game without notice. (they were officially investigating the issue for another 8 months untill they finally admitted they just killed it.)
Yet they somehow get away with releasing the same game every year and asking €50,- for it everytime. (CoD)

But that’s off topic :wink:

Our kids(young adults really) bought into Rock Band in a big way and even pulled me and the wife into a “Session” one evening (they have all the components, full band gear). What struck me was that them and their friends were having a large amount of fun, and LISTENING (not just hearing) to and enjoying the great Rock music of the 60s to the present day… To me, this was refreshing, as many kids today seem to treat music as a backdrop, a soundtrack to their lives, not as an art form to be focused upon through the act of listening.

Both our boys can play instruments, yet they have there Rock Band nights as a preferred social event. I guess not all their friends could actually participate in a real jam, so this is something that gives them togetherness.

Like all fads, this too will pass, as has Guitar hero… once the money cannot be made from it. 25 years from now that cheesy fake gear will be worth mega bucks. Remember that old Roland 808 you bought back in the late 80s for cheap, its like gold now.

I was saying that “partially” in jest. I know that sometimes the real appeal manages to present itself through the toy. I played Guitar Hero a couple times at a party a few years ago, and really sucked at it. :laughing:

I had played a touch of guitar in the past, and have played keys for over 20 years now… so being technically minded I thought I’d be pretty good. Not so, hehe…

Oh well, At least I have a studio and can make my own music. :wink:

The drumming in Guitar hero World tour is actually pretty good. I have GHWT running on my laptop and connected my own edrum kit through midi to the laptop. That let’s me play GHWT drums using my own drumkit and drumsounds (if you mute the drumsounds in GHWT) which is vastly superior to using that crappy drumcontroller and the GHWT sound. It’s good practice too, with the only exception that you can use only 3 toms and 2 cymbals to play the game.


:smiley: Love it! :smiley: