Actual advantages in using Download Assistant

Are there any actual differences/advantages between installing and upgrading Steinberg products with their Download Assistant and installing and upgrading… the old way, by manually downloading and then launching the various setup “exe” files one by one?

Can any actual performance or stability problems arise from “mixing” the two approaches?

Probably it’s mainly a matter of age (mine), but I tend to prefer the second one.
However sometimes, when I see that some products appear as “not installed” in the DA while they are actually installed and running in the system, some doubts come up…

hopefully, the download manager will be redesigned and greatly updated soon. I find it very unintuitive and badly organized. To keep track of which programs you have actually installed as several programs are listed in several categories is not easy, how to put different programs in different paths is not very clear. Finding the software and samples you actually own can also be a pain in the ass, but at least I can tell they are working on making that better.

So I agree with you I liked the old option better, I had a much better sense of control. there won’t be any problems mixing the methods. I think in the start the download assistant was to help with the bigger downloads stopping/timing out, then you could just resume your download in the assistant.

BUT I know we must get used to using the download assistant, I am pretty sure it is a part of Steinberg protecting their software now, and I have a feeling it will be more central when they dump their dongle solution.

Thanks for your useful and… consoling answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s hope, then, that the coming Cubase 12, in addition to having an upgrade cost that… takes into account the lack of the expected 11.5, also brings a brand new Download Assistant, much more powerful and versatile .
Wouldn’t be bad, among other things, if it was able to detect and manage also the Steinberg stuff installed by means of setup.exe files. That shouldn’t be that hard, given the presence of the Windows Registry.