Actual Earth Song

Aloha guys,

Turns out the earth also makes music.


That’s definitely going in my next recording… Earth as guest star. Or guest planet.

killer electrons :mrgreen:

Cool, sounds like a Buchla :stuck_out_tongue:

Very, very interesting.

Very cool. As a complement to that, Tom Cosm recently posted a link to a list of unexplained sounds recorded by the NOAA’s autonomous hydrophone array.

The “earth chorus” space sound from that link you posted sounds like the “Upsweep” underwater sound from NOAA:

And … this Earth song is played over the sound of the BIg Bang’s Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) fundamental note - 51 Octaves below concert A! . I guess it’s kind of like a cosmic bagpipe - an A drone and the Earth ditty on top.

Ultimately cool - as seen in the CMB frequency plot, there are measurable harmonics! Can we get that as a preset in Padshop (FR)?